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Posted Wednesday, December 31, 2014 by Ed Dalton
     Three McGuffey senior football players have taken on senior projects that will benefit the football program and all of McGuffey Athletics.  Seniors James Duchi and Connor Lindsay are updating the team varsity locker room.  Their project includes new benches, motivational quotes, personalized name plates on each locker, a new clock, update and fix the shower area, mount a dry erase board and put in a sound system with wireless speakers.
     Senior Steven Clemens has taken on the McGuffey Athletic equipment room.  His project entails sorting all the equipment, inventoring, and placing each sports equipment and cloth in color coded containers by sports.  He is also labeling each area by sport almost so the equipment room will have a library like system to find things.
     We thank these seniors for dedicating over 60 hours to these projects to make McGuffey Athletics first class!

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