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In Season Athlete Training Report

Posted Monday, April 14, 2014 by Ed Dalton
I think the one thing that seperates athletes over the years is the ability to train in season.  For example during football season we still lift 2 days a week.  If you train year round the difference in your physical development will be signifigant and measurable.  I have listed below the athles who have kept with their training while playing a spring sports. 

Gavin Beatty
Steven Clemens
Marcus Czulewicz
James Duchi
Bobby Fleischauer
Spencer Gillispie
Huey Gillispie
Dean Pawlack
Shaun Sanders
Luke Shingle
Nick Stanek
Joe Towsend
Steve Zaccone
     Thats 13 out of 26 spring athletes who also play football.  I have a 2 day program designed for in season athletes.  Invest your time in season and get in the room 2 days per week!

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