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A simple formual to being Great!

Posted Sunday, March 10, 2013 by Ed Dalton
Sometimes we make way more complicated simple things that allow all athletes an opportunity to improve and be successful.  There really are only a few simple parts to improving your skills and maximizing your talent.
1. Strength Train all year in and out of season.  [cycle following our BFS concepts]
2. Develop coordination in your feet and hands at least twice a week. [dots and juggling]
3. Train your speed with ladder drills twice a week, and sprints distances of 60 and 90 yards.
4. Train your explosiveness following the BFS Plyo circuit twice a week.
5. All sports are skills any extra time do drills that will translate to on the field success.

     The younger you are as an athlete and decide what you want to do, establish goals, plan, and train the more likely it is you will reach your goals.  There is only two things you can do with your time SPEND it, or INVEST it.  If you invest it doing things that will make you better the payoff will be in your performance!

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