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Posted Thursday, July 19, 2012 by Ed Dalton
When Mr. Ward entered my office two days ago I was busy working on a Heat Acclamation Program on my computer.  I asked if he could wait for a minute to talk to me and he politley said he would wait.  A few minutes later he had my full attention but I don't think at first I believed what I had heard, from him.  The Ward family would like to make a donation so you can purchase a new helmet for every member of the varsity football team.  I took a second look at him he repeated his statement and the rest is history.  Mr. Ward had one other condition that we buy top of the line helmets for every player.  I really don't have the words to thank the Ward Family just understand that they have made the tough game of football safer for 50 varsity football players.  The middle school program will benefit also in that they will now being wearing varsity football helmets this coming season passed down from our players. Your generosity is appreciated very much and the only thing I can think of saying is THANKS from all of us. 
     I think we are day by day becoming a football family and no step is more important to the ultimate success of a program like the family atmosphere!

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